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Vocal Music Guide: Dissertations, Books, & Subject Headings

This guide is designed to help locate vocal music and information about vocal music (solo voice or solo voices).


Electronic Resources

What electronic resources are available for music research?


How can I find books about vocal music?

You can search by title, author, or both in the online catalog. Below are general call number ranges for information about vocal music.

Suggested Call Numbers for Books about Vocal Music

​ML102               dictionaries and encyclopedias 
    ML102.C3     Christmas carols
    ML102.C5     church music
    ML102.C66   contemporary Christian music
    ML102.C7     country music
    ML102.F66   folk music
    ML102.G6     American gospel music
    ML102.P66   popular music
    ML102.S6     songs
    ML102.V6     vocal terminology
ML128               bibliographies
    ML128.C13    campaign songs, bibliographies
    ML128.S3      songs, bibliographies
    ML128.S75    school songs, bibliographies
    ML128.V7      vocal music, bibliographies
ML132               graded lists
    ML132.S6      songs, graded lists
ML156.4    discographies
    ML156.4.F5–ML156.4.F6    folk music, discographies
    ML156.4.P6    popular music, discographies
    ML156.4.V7    vocal music, discographies
ML420–ML421    biographies of singers and vocal performing groups
ML1400–ML3275    vocal music, history and criticism
    ML1400–ML1410    vocal music, general
        ML1402, ML1406    vocal music by period
            ML1402    medieval
            ML1406    20th-century
    ML1411–ML1451    vocal music by region 
        ML1411    United States
        ML1431    England
        ML1437    Russia
        ML1447    Spain
        ML1451    India
    ML1460    vocal technique
    ML1600–ML2881     vocal music, secular
        ML1633    vocal music, Italy
        ML2151    gamelan music (includes vocalists)
        ML2400    cantatas
        ML2500–ML2860    songs
            ML2500–ML2505    songs, general
            ML2527–ML2551    songs by region
                ML2527     France
                ML2529    Germany
                ML2531    English
            ML2533    Italy
            ML2551     Tanzania 
            ML2800–ML2881    solo songs
    ML2900–ML3275    vocal music, sacred, general
        ML2902–ML2906    vocal music, sacred, by period
            ML2902    early music
            ML2903    17th-century
            ML2906    20th-century
        ML2911–ML2951    vocal music, sacred, by region
            ML2911    United States
            ML2917    Brazil
            ML2927    France
            ML2929    Germany
            ML2931    England
            ML2933    Italy
            ML2937    Russia
            ML2951    other regions
        ML3000–ML3197    music of individual religions and denominations
            ML3000    Christian, general
            ML3002–ML3095    Roman catholic
            ML3195    jewish
            ML3197    islamic

Subject Headings

Subject Headings for Writings about Vocal Music

ballads – history and criticism
gospel music
sacred songs – bibliography
sacred songs – history and criticism
sacred vocal music
singing methods
vocal duets – bibliography
vocal duets – history
vocal ensembles – bibliography
vocal ensembles -- instruction and study
vocal groups
vocal music – analysis
vocal music – bibliography
vocal music – discography
vocal music – history
vocal music – instruction and study
vocal music – periodical
vocal registers
    French language – dictionaries
    French language – phonetics
    French language – pronunciation
    German language – dictionaries
    German language – phonetics
    German language – pronunciation

Subject Headings for Scores, Recordings, and Videos of Vocal Music