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Vocal Music Guide: Scores

This guide is designed to help locate vocal music and information about vocal music (solo voice or solo voices).

Online Music Scores

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Printed Music Scores

How do I find printed vocal music (solo voice or solo voices)?

If you have a specific piece in mind, you can search by title, author (person/organization/composer), or both in the online catalog. Below are general call number ranges for vocal music.

Suggested Call Numbers for Vocal Music

Secular Vocal Music
M1528–M1529.5 duets, trios etc., for solo voices
M1611–M1626 songs for one voice
M1627–M1852 national and folk songs
M1627 national songs
M1628–M1677.8 United States
M1678 Canada
M1679–M1693 Latin America
M1698–M1780 Europe
M1784–M1828 Asia
M1830 Africa
M1840–M1842 Australia
M1850–M1982 Jewish
M1920–M1978 song collections
M1985–M1997 children's songs
Sacred Vocal Music
M2018–M2019.5 duets, trios etc., for solo voices


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Subject Headings

Subject Headings for Scores, Recordings, and Videorecordings of Vocal Music

sacred songs
contemporary Christian music
country gospel music
folk songs
gospel music
sacred vocal ensembles
singing studies and exercises
solo cantatas
vocal duets
vocal ensembles
vocal ensembles with
vocal octets
vocal quartets
vocal quintets
vocal scores
vocal sextets
vocal trios


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