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Bassoon Guide: Scores

This guide is designed to help you locate bassoon music and information about the bassoon.

Online Music Scores

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Printed Music Scores

How do I find printed bassoon music?

If you have a specific piece in mind, you can search by title, author (person/organization/composer), or both in the online catalog. Below are general call number ranges for bassoon music.

Suggested Call Numbers for Bassoon

M75 – M79     bassoon alone
M75 miscellaneous collections
M76 – M77 original compositions
M78 – M79 arrangements
M253 – M254     bassoon in ensemble
M288 – M289 duets – wind instrument with another wind instrument*
M290 – M291 duets – wind instrument with a string instrument*
M296 – M297 duets – wind instrument with guitar, harp*
M298 duets – wind instrument with percussion*
M317 trios – 2 wind instruments with piano*
M322 trios – 2 wind or string instruments with piano*
M357 trios – 3 wind instruments*
M357.2 trios – 3 woodwind instruments*
M417 quartets – 3 wind instruments with piano*
M422 quartets – 3 wind or string instruments with piano*
M457 quartets – 4 wind instruments*
M457.2 quartets – 4 woodwind instruments*
M517 quintets – 4 wind instruments with piano*
M522 quintets – 5 wind instruments*
M557.2 quintets – 5 woodwind instruments*
M562 quintets – wind instrument with string quartet*
M617 sextets – 5 wind instruments with piano*
M622 sextets – 5 wind or string instruments with piano*
M657 sextets – 6 wind instruments*
M657.2 sextets – 6 woodwind instruments*
M717 septets – 6 wind instruments with piano*
M722 septets – 6 wind or string instruments with piano*
M757 septets – 7 wind instruments*
M757.2 septets – 7 woodwind instruments*
M817 octets – 7 wind instruments with piano*
M822 octets – 7 wind or string instruments with piano*
M857 octets – 8 wind instruments*
M857.2 octets – 8 woodwind instruments*
M917 nonets – 8 wind instruments with piano*
M922 nonets – 8 wind or string instruments with piano*
M957 nonets – 9 wind instruments*
M957.2 nonets – 9 woodwind instruments*
M1026 concertos with orchestra
M1027 concertos with orchestra (arranged)
M1126 concertos with string orchestra
M1127 concertos with string orchestra (arranged)
M1470 ensembles of wind instruments*

*Some of the recommended call numbers above contain music that does not include bassoon. For example, M298 is a duet between a wind instrument and percussion. The wind instrument may be bassoon or another wind instrument.


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Subject Headings

Subject Headings for Scores, Recordings, and Videorecordings of Bassoon Music

bassoon music
bassoon and [clarinet, flute, etc.] music
     (browse subject = bassoon and)
bassoon with [instrumental ensemble, orchestra, etc.]
     (browse subject = bassoon with)
bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, oboe with string orchestra
     (try other instrumental combinations)
concertos (bassoon)
rondos (bassoon)
sonatas (bassoon)
suites (bassoon)
variations (bassoon)
bassoon – studies and exercises
bassoon – instruction and study
bassoon – methods
woodwind instruments
woodwind trios; wind trios; trios
woodwind quartets; wind quartets; quartets
woodwind quintets; wind quintets; quintets
woodwind sextets; wind sextets; sextets
woodwind septets; wind septets; septets
wind octets; octets


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