Look ahead!
Good research takes time. Begin with a clear understanding of the assignment. Know what documentation is required by your professor.

This web site is an excellent resource for citations:

The library owns circulating and reference copies of several accepted term paper manuals which may help you:


Libraries pay for access to databases through subscription services such as Lexis-Nexis and ProQuest Direct. When you retrieve a work from a subscription service, give as much of the following information as is available:

Publication information for the source (see items 20-26)
The name of the database, underlined (or italicized)
The name of the service, neither underlined nor in quotation marks
The name of the library where you retrieved the article
The date on which you retrieved the article

Here is a model for an article retrieved through Expanded Academic ASAP. The source being cited is a scholarly article paginated by issue.

Fitzgerald, Jill. "How Will Bilingual/ESL Programs in Literacy Change
      in the Next Millennium?" Reading Research Quarterly 35.4
      (2000). Expanded Academic ASAP. InfoTrac. Salem State Coll. Lib.,
       Salem, MA. 16 Feb. 2001.

If you know the URL of the subscription service, add it at the end of the entry.

NOTE: When you access a work through a personal subscription service such as America Online, give the information about the source, followed by the name of the service, the date of access, and the keyword used to retrieve the source.

Conniff, Richard. "The House That John Built." Smithsonian Feb. 2001.
      America Online. 11 Mar. 2001. Keyword: Smithsonian Magazine.


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