Weeding, Withdrawing and Discarding

In accordance with defined procedures, the Dean of University Libraries is expected to withdraw (for sale, discard, or exchange) titles which are obsolete and which are no longer appropriate to the library's collection.

For the purpose of weeding the collection, at least one faculty member, chosen by the dean, or the department head of the subject area being weeded, will be asked to concur that an item should be withdrawn from the collection. In large weeding projects, a librarian will select items for potential withdrawal, temporarily remove the items from the shelves, and place them in a holding area. Faculty from the appropriate area will be given approximately six weeks to indicate which items are to be retained in the collection. After this time has elapsed, the remainder of the items will be permanently removed from the Hardin-Simmons University Libraries collection.

Items which are discovered to be lost, missing or damaged beyond repair will be withdrawn. When there is the likelihood that these materials are still available for purchase, the appropriate school or department will be notified so that consideration may be given to replacement.

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